Saturday 24 September 
Zamalek Fish Garden
11am - 7pm

Categories & Prices

Who can sell?

1. Private individuals are allowed to sell USED & SECONDHAND PRODUCTS.

2. Small Businesses* are allowed to sell NEW PRODUCTS.

The following are Cairo Flea Market Category Guidelines

Used Personal Products

This category is for second hand items where private individuals can sell everything USED**, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD's, clothes antiques, accessories etc.


Selling fake or new items (old stock) in this category it is strictly prohibited.

Selling intimate items in this category is not allowed. i.e: underwear.​

Antiques & Upcycled products

This category is for Individuals and businesses* selling Antiques and Collectable objects such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value. 

Retail & Handcarft Products

This category is for Local Brands and designers selling their handmade and own designs products with a commercial* intention.  

Farmers Market

This category is for Homemade, Fresh Produce and Organic food products.*

F&B Vendors

This category is for food and beverage vendors selling live cooked & ready made food.*

*Based on the Egyptian Tax Authority regulations, all exhibitors selling new products with a commercial intention need to have a Tax Card & a Commercial ID. For more information about how to register yourself, please send us a WhatsApp on 01006197222

**Individuals in this category found to be selling new items will be fined.